We Leica Disto lasers to measure and model your building on site. Contact us for rates!

Our corporate motto is, ‘Prompt, Affordable, Professional’. We have proven that good design is not a premium service or luxury that few can afford, but that with the right team, good design can reduce construction costs and operational costs over the life of the building.  We serve the private residential and commercial sector, from small alterations and additions to restaurants, breweries and airports.

We provide a full range of architectural services, dedicated attention and competitive pricing using state of the art 3D BIM and VR software, including BIMx (see below) on Apple Professional hardware. We use online project management tools and a cloud-based file sharing system to facilitate team communication and the secure sharing of large files and ideas. Having learned the craft of architecture from some of the best firms in North America and Germany, we integrate structural and mechanical design and preliminary cost estimating from day one.

We can also laser measure your existing building, and create a detailed BIM Model that you can view in 2D and 3D, and even with VR goggles your existing and proposed designs, all from the free BIMx viewer. These skills are put to good use on even the smallest of projects. To learn more about our unique process, click here!


GRAPHISOFT BIMx allows you to open and interactively explore 3D Building Information Models created by Thomson | Architecture on mobile Apple and Android devices. To use BIMx free of charge, download Google Drive for your device, install BIMx Free viewer, and we can send you an invite to your own secure client portal page where we will host all of your files online.

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Project Management Online

We have just launched an online project management service that will allow clients, builders and sub-consultants to log in from anywhere (using any browser or a free app) to review and track progress, view tasks, timelines and project related files, while consolidating all project related communication into a tidy database. All project files are securely linked to our cloud-based server. We can send you an invite to your own secure client portal page where we will host your project.

Custom Home Design | with extensive experience in custom residential design, Prefabricated Architecture, Laneway, Garden Suites, Secondary Units, and Tiny Homes, we can show you hundreds of floor plans to give you a head-start!

Highrise & Commercial Design | Building Information Modelling using advanced BIM software that has Interoperability with all other Architectural CAD and BIM Platforms.

Commercial Design | Specialized in Healthy Workplaces, Clinics, Offices, Schools using Sustainable, Natural & Durable Materials