2020.0024 Barrie Market Walk


  • Repurpose under-utilized parking areas
  • Create inter-connected public spaces using artful street furniture
  • Create open-air/roofed market spaces for events & retail
  • Enhance existing Waterfront linkages to new destination nodes
  • Re-vitalize neglected areas of downtown ie. Spritcatcher Park, areas surrounding transit station
  • Expand the Barrie Waterfront vision to areas that seem ‘missed’ by the redeveloped waterfront treatment 
  • Enhance the sense of public safety by increasing public foot-traffic
  • Compliment multi-modal transit options & Rentals (Scooters/Bikes)
  • Support increased water traffic retail and restaurant experiences
  • Provide off-site parking for expanded tourism (ie. Bradford St. Corridor)
  • Provide wayfinding app for tourism ~ “Barrie Market Walk App”
  • Leverage post-COVID-19 infrastructure recovery funds (Federal>Provincial>Municipal) to boost regional jobs and future ‘safe’ open air tourism and business opportunities

Download the PDF 2024 | Barrie Downtown Vision

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