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I'm a licensed architect (OAA) and business owner with over 27 years of experience in ecological design in Europe, Canada and the USA. I have worked on affordable and energy efficient building and community solutions that create skilled, green jobs and can improve the quality of life of all Canadians. My goal is to bring Design Thinking to municipal politics with your help.


Expected increase in Canadian Population by 20361


Expected CO2 Concentration in the Earth's Atmosphere by 20302


Estimated cost of damages per ton of CO2 emitted3


Additional proven fossil reserves not yet burned in tons4

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  • Like all other architectural visionaries of modern times, Mr. Thomson foresees not merely a radical building type, but also a new kind of human being to fit the built prototype. It may well be that the long-suffering environment will eventually turn on us in some catastrophic fashion — if global warming is not already such a calamity — forcing our conversion from wasteful people into more mindful folk. Should this apocalypse come upon us — or, better still, well before it actually happens — we should be listening to what designers such as Andy Thomson are telling us, and to what they have learned.

    John Bentley Mays, The Globe and Mail
  • As an industrial designer and construction professional, I highly recommend Andy Thomson. He is professional, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. We could not be happier with our home.

    Robert & Maria Iantorno
  • Let me introduce you to Andy Thomson. He is a rock star. Andy works for two firms in Canada as well as his own. Andy’s passion is about design and how to implement Building Information Modelling in large firms/large projects. He is a terrific speaker with lots of big projects completed and I think he will be an excellent keynote speaker for your event.

    Dominic Gallello, Former CEO OF Graphisoft, Autodesk
  • I first met Andy during architecture school. He brought years of experience to the studio, which we all learned from. His experience in Germany, I think was invaluable as they are a culture that cares the most about quality, timeless buildings and they are at the forefront of sustainability. Andy applies this experience and knowledge to his Canadian projects and he truly practices what he preaches ~ he has a ton of experience living a sustainable lifestyle. Andy is an encyclopedia and his energy and excitement for what he does is infectious. Andy is hungry for knowledge and is constantly seeking out best practices and innovation. I strongly recommend Andy for any scale of project and clients are lucky to have access to his creative and rigorous approach.

    Julie Bogdanowicz, Graduate Architect & Planner

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