“Andy Thomson is one of the very few architectsI would consider for doing anything green and modern.

Anyone can put up a wall of glass and say they’re creating a beautiful living space by bringing the outside in. Anyone can slap on some solar panels, add fly ash to the concrete, and claim a house is green. The world abounds with such designs, but only a true professional can combine all the parts into an integrated whole. Not a building that people claim is green because they used double-glazed windows, but a complete design where all the systems and design elements work together to create not just a house, but a beautiful machine for living simply. To be able to combine all this with clean lines, a surprisingly spacious feel, and just enough funkiness to add character, is rare.

Andy is also intense and passionate about going low-impact with a strong sense of design. He has lived his own creed, experimenting with his own dwellings, and knows what he’s talking about on an experiential level. Yet Andy is also adept at listening to his clients and finding ways to implement their goals, even if they don’t share all his passions. That’s a combination we’ve appreciated while working with Andy on a number of designs.

I’d definitely recommend Andy for any low-impact modern design project.”


“Andy came highly recommended by our contractor when we were considering a significant renovation project on our first home (a fixer upper). Being new home owners, we really didn’t know anything about home renovations and needed a lot of guidance. We were told that Andy was very well informed about the renovation process, all of the latest home design materials and methods, and would come up with clean and simple designs that would create the light and open space that we desperately wanted. Andy certainly lived up to his reputation!

Without compromising sustainable, modern, livable design, and keeping our budgetary, and aesthetic needs in mind; he came up with many new ingenious ideas that we never would have come up with on our own. His designs and suggestions really opened our eyes to how we could incorporate more light and increase flow efficiency in our home that would allow us to maximize the use of the space we had. We had spoken to many other designers before him and none of them were able to push our thinking about our space the way Andy had.”


“Let me introduce you to Andy Thomson. He is a rock star. Andy works for two firms in Canada as well as his own. Since he does not sleep, he also has recently providing some assistance to our new reseller in Canada (Ardent). Andy’s passion is about design and how to implement ArchiCAD in large firms/large projects. To this end, he has put up a site to help the community http://www.archicad.ca/ to implement ArchiCAD on large projects. He is a terrific speaker with lots of big projects completed and I think he will be an excellent keynote speaker for the Nottingham (Archicad University 2007) Event.”


“Like all other architectural visionaries of modern times, Mr. Thomson foresees not merely a radical building type, but also a new kind of human being to fit the built prototype.  It may well be that the long-suffering environment will eventually turn on us in some catastrophic fashion — if global warming is not already such a calamity — forcing our conversion from wasteful people into more mindful folk. Should this apocalypse come upon us — or, better still, well before it actually happens — we should be listening to what designers such as Andy Thomson are telling us, and to what they have learned.”


“I started working on a “fully sustainable family compound” design (for the Napa Valley) with Andy Thomson in the Fall of 2009.  It was truly the most fun and productive collaborative project I have ever participated in.  Each suggestion brought up an even better new idea and Andy’s extensive knowledge of “cutting edge”, “state of the art” architectural projects, innovations, methods, environmental standards and software made for an easy, exciting and productive adventure.  Andy has a way of making an architectural design project a true collaboration, instead of just an idea forced upon his clients.  We have as yet not fully finished our design, but the process has been fruitful and exciting.  Andy is an architect with integrity, imagination, wisdom and courage.  That is a total winning combination for any project!”


“Andy Thomson is a forward thinking innovator in building design.  His work causes you to expand your notion of sustainable living, while simultaneously still ‘thinking inside the box’.  Andy is an indispensable resource as an architect for anyone wishing to consider their environmental impact in new builds in our Canadian climate.”