Andy has been a green builder, designer and outdoor-enthusiast for over 24 years. As an avid cyclist, snowboarder and windsurfer- all ‘silent sports’- Andy is deeply committed to the conservation of the natural world. As a founding member of Ryerson University's 'Green Architecture Co-Op' in 1994, and current member of the Ontario Association of Architects's Sustainable Built Environment Committee, Andy has a long-standing commitment to advancing his profession into ever more efficient, smart and progressive designs.

    With dozens of innovative, published and award-winning sustainable projects, Andy's new firm has significant experience in Resort Development & Hospitality Design, Accessible Design, Prefabrication, Aviation, Custom Residential & Cottage Design, Craft Brewing and Restaurant facilities. Andy has worked in residential construction and with the R2000 Program before earning his graduate degree (UBC, M.Arch, 2003), completing over 1500 door-fan inspections, heat loss analyses and HRV design and installations, as well as working as a framing and finish carpenter in Toronto, Vancouver and while on scholarship at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. As an internationally recognized expert-level user and trainer of BIM software, Andy has travelled widely teaching and transitioning small and large architectural firms to the 3D visualization and modelling tools that the industry is only now, 20 years later, starting to adopt as a standard practice.